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We have all the resources you need to meet the challenges posed by this complex legislation. An ideal option if you learn best in a classroom setting but find getting to the class to be a drain on your time and budget.

EY Assessment 2020. The Ultimate Guide to passing the Ernst & Young’s assessment tests.

View this three-video series featuring global privacy leaders as they discuss the importance of creating a culture of privacy. Learn more today. Access a collection of privacy news, resources, guidance and tools covering the COVID global outbreak. Looking for the latest resources, tools and guidance on the California Consumer Privacy Act?

How to Prep for a Case Interview

IAPP members can get up-to-date information right here. We've updated the Privacy Tech Vendor Report highlighting companies offering privacy technology solutions and insight on market trends from industry leaders. Choose from four DPI events near you each year for in-depth looks at practical and operational aspects of data protection. World-class discussion and education on the top privacy issues in Asia Pacific and around the globe.

Delivering world-class discussion and education on the top privacy issues in Australia, New Zealand and around the globe. The hub of European privacy policy debate, thought leadership and strategic thinking with data protection professionals.

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But despite its own culture of privacy, it recognized that there was no industry benchmark to recognize privacy expertise.

When the IAPP formed, it provided a non-advocacy forum to bring different stakeholders together to share ideas and develop the field. Among the benefits of certification, according to Leizerov, was the standardization it brought to the marketplace.

The CIPP is one of only a few certifications that are on a list of certification requirements for promotion to management positions within the organization. Member firms regularly hold internal training programs for employees, as well as events for clients and industry leaders that offer continuing privacy education credits. Download a PDF version of this case study here. Find out how you can move your privacy program forward with IAPP certification and training.

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ey case study pdf

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Some are essential to make our site work; others help us improve the user experience. By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. With the accounting profession changing at a rapid pace, faculty are working hard to prepare their students for the field. At the same time, firms are providing support to ensure graduates arrive in the workplace with the skills necessary to succeed. With that in mind, many major firms offer free resources to faculty to help them remain on the cutting edge.

Classroom materials. Other curriculum support. Deloitte collaborated with the University of Illinois Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society to develop a program to help faculty teach auditor independence to their students.

Data analytics curriculum modules forthcoming. The modules will be shared in quarterly increments. The first module is scheduled for release in the summer of Curriculum materials.

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For example, when the profession asked faculty to teach more analytics, EY provided a competency framework, lecture notes, a variety of cases, and data sets, she said. If the material integrates a particular application or program that some faculty may not be familiar with, such as Tableau, EYARC will also include a unit on how to use that program, she said. Materials from EY faculty sponsored events. Webcasts and publications. The EYARC also contains access to webcasts EY created for its clients, information on the latest changes in regulations or within the profession, and highlights from EY publications that may be most relevant to faculty, among other features, Glazerman said.

Case studies. PwC makes data and analytics case studies and tax case studies available to faculty upon request. The case studies are accompanied by various teaching materials, including:. Online training. PwC shares its internal Data Analysis and Presentation Skills training with faculty, free of charge online, Peters said. While the content is free, educators must pay a fee for certification.

Contacts for further data analytics materials. Recipients of these funds are encouraged to share their results and resources with other universities. On its website, PwC provides contact information for a number of faculty members who have materials to share with other educators.

Curriculum modules. KPMG provides a series of curriculum modules to help faculty bring real-world examples to the classroom. These modules cover subject matter in audit, financial accounting, tax, business administration, and a number of other areas. Resources include:.Examples of how we help our clients navigate complex business issues and achieve high performance. Learn More. By submitting your email address, you acknowledge that you have read the Privacy Statement and that you consent to our processing data in accordance with the Privacy Statement including international transfers.

If you change your mind at any time about wishing to receive the information from us, you can send us an email message using the Contact Us page. Reggie Walker. All rights reserved. PwC refers to the US member firm or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates, and may sometimes refer to the PwC network. Each member firm is a separate legal entity.

Please see www. PwC Case Studies Examples of how we help our clients navigate complex business issues and achieve high performance. Feature - 3 items. Sign in. Create your account. Chipotle's Recipe for Success A new loyalty program results in six million enrollments and counting. How PwC can help. Name mandatory. Company mandatory. Email mandatory. Request a Meeting. Provide more details about your inquiry.

Get in touch Show contacts Hide contacts.College MAP provides support to underserved students as they consider the dream of higher education. The program helps students navigate the application and financial aid process, provides access to resources, and exposes them to the benefits of higher education.

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The College MAP curriculum includes monthly workshops, college visits, and tutoring tied to financial skills that will help students succeed in college and make the most of their financial futures in general. The program has a unique approach -- it matches small groups of EY professionals with groups of students, so all volunteers work in teams.

This has several main benefits: multiple mentors can provide different perspectives for guidance to students, busy client-serving professionals are able to balance work and a long-term mentoring commitment, and the group of students becomes its own supportive academic community. Another important element of the College MAP program is the strong mentoring relationships formed between the EY professionals who volunteer as mentors and the students who participate.

EY wanted to improve access to education in its communities, with special emphasis on college and university access for underserved students. Through College MAP, EY helps demystify the process of applying to and affording college, encouraging students who might not have considered applying for college to do so. EY employees mentor the students to build the skills that will help them persist in completing their post-secondary goals.

We have the tools and resources to help you develop a talent solution that works for your business. Proud Partner With College MAP provides support to underserved students as they consider the dream of higher education. Talent Made for the Workforce We have the tools and resources to help you develop a talent solution that works for your business.Depending on the job you are applying for, your application process will vary.

Detailed below are the possible different stages that you might encounter. For more detailed information and preparation for your specific application, please select the appropriate page which gives you more information on your application and what you will find in your preparation pack.

The online application requires you to provide details of your academic background. Your marks, however, will not screen out your application.

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Once you have provided this information, you will be given an email link to the Strengths Portal where you will be typically given three different assessments. Here you will find a series of four different tests, each of them focusing on a separate skill.

Ace your EY advisory case interview with this easy technique

They are described below. The test is made up of 16 different workplace scenarios that may occur in your office. After each scenario description, you are asked to choose the best possible course of action from a list of five different options.

In some cases, you are asked to rank the options given to you on a scale from most advisable to least advisable. In the EY Business Behaviours Test, you perform the role of someone who has recently joined EY and go through their day from beginning to end.

There are eight questions on the test, each of which has five answer options to rank in order from most to least appropriate. This test is similar to the EY situational strengths test in that you have to rank the options in order of appropriateness. You are presented with a series of statements and 25 points, which you must divide according to each statement. You will assign the most points to the statement that best suits you. There are five different mindset dimensions assessed in this test: concentration, detail focus, learning languages, problem solving, and technology affinity.

This test has no time limit, but your score will benefit from completing the test quickly. You are scored according to seven levels, with seven being the highest level. You can prepare for this tests with the EY preparation pack for your position. Verbal reasoning tests assess your written and verbal communication skills and how quickly and accurately you analyse text.Need some help preparing for your EY advisory case interview?

ey case study pdf

Ernst and Young EY was one of the first Big 4 firms to start requiring a case interview as part of the Advisory interview process, following in the footsteps of the famous strategy consulting firms like Bain, Mckinsey, and BCG.

They are usually longer than your average interview, hovering around the 60 minute mark. During a case interview, you will receive a business conflict to read, review, and analyze. After some time of brainstorming, you will discuss with your interviewer your suggestions and conclusions.

ey case study pdf

The goal is not to accurately solve every issue presented nor is it to devise an entire business plan on the spot. Rather, you want to demonstrate that you understand the facts and dilemmas of your client, you are capable of developing strategic action plans, and recognize there is room for flexibility and diversity in problem solving. Keep in mind this case will likely be the first time you lay your eyes on it, so you must be rational with yourself.

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Then of course, read it again, but this time identify the problem s. Circle, highlight, underline, do something to help you recognize each conflict you come across. Five at MOST is a good start. Next and quickly, perform a SWOT analysis. This stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This will be a great way to open up your discussion later to your interviewer, but for now use is as a way to organize your thoughts about the company.

Strategize; think of ways to solve the issues. Here are some thought provoking questions to help you think of solutions. When you believe you have developed convincing and practical solutions to your case, alert your interviewer. Try to choose two with two or three conflict so that you have a detailed plan rather than several short ideas. You can use your SWOT analysis as an opening to start off strong and then dive into your solutions.

Make sure your thoughts and suggestions are well-organized; perhaps in order of what is most problematic -this will really demonstrate you have great management and comprehension skills. Approach your discussion in a similar manner that you would with a potential client. Be clear in your recommendations and explain your thought process. Make sure to address possible mishaps in your proposition. It is okay to recognize that your ideas are not bullet proof.

Once you have presented your case, be prepared for questions and further discussion with your interviewer. They may want to walk through your thought process with you or have you explain an idea further. It is over and you have probably impressed your interviewer more than you know. Confidence and patience in yourself is key in this type of interview. Whether you have the perfect answer or not is not going to determine if you get the position, but simply how well you receive information and can form an analysis.

EY (Ernst & Young) Interview Questions And Answers! How To PASS your EY Interview!

For more practice keep up with current cases and journals.

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